The Reverse Wheelbarrow

reverse wheelbarrow sex position

We’ll start off with a word of warning: the Reverse Wheelbarrow is a tricky one. It requires a lot of flexibility on the girl’s end, and some strength from the guy. When done right, though, it’s a really cool position, one that will definitely tire you out nicely. Here’s everything you’ve ever needed to know about the Reverse Wheelbarrow sex position.

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You might be familiar with the regular Wheelbarrow sex position (if not, go read up on it!), but this one’s on a whole other level. Flexible girls should be able to pull it off, though. So without further ado, let’s dive into the Reverse Wheelbarrow sex position.

The girl

Girls, get ready. This one’s not going to be easy. The difficulty is all about arching your back as far as you can. The girl is leaning back as far as possible, turning her body into an upside-down U shape. She doesn’t have to worry about her legs – they’ll just be dangling – but she keeps her hands above her head (which technically will be below her head once in position), leaning back to form a bridge. She can keep her legs spread, or wrap them around the guy.

The guy

The guy’s main job (other than make her scream with pleasure, of course) is to hold the girl. He’s standing upright, so make sure to have a solid stance. His hands are either wrapped around the girl’s waistline, holding her lower back to keep her from falling down, or wrapped around her thighs to assist in the necessary movement.

The movement

Speaking of which: the movement isn’t easy, either. The girl is pretty much tied up, so all of it has to come from the guy. He is free to move his hips back and forth, and he can use his hands to pull the girl in a similar, opposite motion, too. The girl should mainly be focusing on trying to keep herself from falling down or toppling over, but she can help a little my pushing herself up from the floor.

The extras

Once the two of you are in position, there’s a whole lot going on. The view for the guy is nothing short of perfect, with the girl’s spread legs and her boobs dangling freely. For the girl, the blood rushing to her head might make her feel extra woozy, which can be a really cool feeling. The position can be used for anal sex too, and if the guy likes to pull out right before he reaches his orgasm, it’ll be a lot of fun to watch it dribble down the girl’s body.

The catch

But there’s always a catch. First off, there’s the obvious flexibility needed from the girl, which is simply something not everybody can do. Guys might have an issue with slightly heavier girls, because it requires a fair amount of strength to hold her up. Additionally, the blood rushing to the girl’s head can be tricky, so make sure to take a break when you start feeling too dizzy – the same goes when your back starts to hurt. Because neither of you can see the other’s face, the Reverse Wheelbarrow sex position isn’t necessarily the most romantic position either.

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