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Shower solo

shower sex masturbation

Apart from the bedroom, the shower is probably the most common place for some happy solo time. The benefits are huge, and there’s very few drawbacks, if any. Have you tried it yet? Are you looking for some extra inspiration? Here’s all you’ll ever need to know about shower masturbation.

Of all the times you’ve masturbated up to this day, most of them have probably happened in the bedroom. But there’s a fair chance the shower is easily #2. And for good reason. For many good reasons, actually. Here’s why it’s so much fun to play around there.


All kinky exhibitionism aside, solo sessions tend to work best when nobody accidentally walks in on you during them. And if it’s privacy you want, the shower is probably the best place in the entire house. Most of them have lockable doors, which makes it pretty easy to cloak your naughty habits from the rest of the household. If you have a lot of roommates or family members around, you may even have a tight shower schedule, so you know exactly how long you’ve got. No way somebody is going to walk in on you!


Time is an important factor when it comes to masturbation, at least for some people. Sure, time-wise, nothing beats lazy Sunday mornings in your own bedroom, but again, the shower is a pretty solid runner-up. Nobody would ever think anything of it if you were to spend a good half hour in there. Just withdraw yourself from daily life for a bit, have some me-time. Some naked me-time.


Speaking of nudity: when you take a shower, you’re going to be naked anyway! You don’t need an excuse for yourself to get those panties or boxers off. In fact, people would find it weird if you weren’t naked in the shower. And if you’re going to be naked anyway… might as well have some fun while doing so, right?

Running water

Running water feels amazing. It’s soft, it’s can be as cold or as warm as you like, and it just keeps going no matter what. Especially for girls, running water is a great substitute for fingers or toys (but guys, seriously, give it a try yourselves!). If you’re lucky enough to own one of those shower heads with adjustable jets, you may not even need to touch yourself at all to have a loooooot of fun. And maybe you even have a hot tub with spa jets! Technically, they’re air, not water, but hey, as long as they feel great.


Body lotion and shampoo are slippery things. Slippery things make your skin feel nice. Nice skin makes you want to touch it. Touching it turns you on. See where we’re going with this? You’re actually allowed to touch yourself all over in the shower, so why not make the most of it? And good news for the guys: we’re not going to state that rubbing a shampoo’d dick feels just like being inside a girl, but between you and me: it sure does get a lot closer than just your average jerking!


Now, I know this one doesn’t go for everybody, but some people actually get turned on by looking at themselves. And there’s no better way to bring that into practice than in the shower. You’re likely to have a mirror there that shows most, if not all, of your body. Flex, touch, measure, get to know yourself, and maybe even turn yourself on a little in the meantime. Mirrors are also great to find out about the details of your naughty bits: get up close, do some mad research on yourself. Or, if you’re really in a narcissistic mood: just watch yourself get off.


Since showers are made to get you clean, it’s totally fine to get a little dirty, first. They’re great for experimenting on the slightly more kinky stuff. Obviously, anal play comes to mind: trying it out in the shower may take away the gross a bit. But it’s also amazing to fool around with lube, cumming all over places you normally wouldn’t dare to cum all over, or things like candle wax or chocolate (why not?!). You can also totally try out your part of a cool new sex position you’ve always wanted to try. And guys, what about one of those fake lady parts that get really messy inside, but are super easy to clean under the shower? Get creative, you can always wash it off.


Fair enough, toys aren’t any more convenient in the shower than they would be in your bedroom, but there’s a difference. There are plenty of water-proof toys today that are made specifically for use in moist areas, or even fully submerged. My absolute favorite is this Luna Personal Wand. It’s rechargeable, it’s quiet, and it’s powerful. Oh, and it’s pink. It’s so easy to slip this one under a clean top when to into the shower, and it’s sooooo much fun to use it in there. So much. Can’t even. So so much.

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