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Lesbian sex positions

best lesbian sex positions

With or without toys, girls can have a lot of fun together. Whether you’re a full-on lesbian, swinging both ways or just trying things out, girl-on-girl sex can be steamy. Not every regular position works, but there’s a bunch that do, and even a few that wouldn’t do much with a guy involved. These are the best lesbian sex positions for girls.

It really doesn’t matter if you could ever fall in love with a girl, or already have. All that matters is that two girls together can have just as much fun as a guy and a girl can. It just takes a bit of ingenuity and an open mind, but don’t we all have one, deep down? All I’m saying is: you don’t need a guy to have amazing sex.

Eating out

I’m not sure what I should be calling this one, but it’s the most common way to pleasure a girl, be it by another girl or a guy. It’s the classic position in which most girls have been licked on countless occasions. Girl #1 is lying on the bed, on her back, with her legs spread and her knees in the air. Girl #2 is sitting or laying in between those legs. She can kiss, she can lick, she can suck, she can touch the other girl all over, she can use her fingers to make it even more interesting. Just because a guy can do this too, doesn’t mean it can’t be done by a girl, right?


Here’s another one of the lesbian sex positions that work with M-F couples too: the 69. It just works better when there’s two girls involved instead of one, especially if they’re about the same height. Girl #1 is lying on her back, girl #2 is lying on top of her, twisted 180 degrees. Both lick, both get licked. Nothing better than mutual pleasure, right? The fun thing about a lezzie 69 is that it doesn’t really matter who’s on top. You can even go sideways, without even stopping. Fun game: whoever has an orgasm first, loses 😉

Face sit

Yet another one that’s not necessarily lesbian-only, but it’s such a nice addition to Ladies Night. It can be done as an extension of 69, with the top girl pushing herself up and stops giving and starts taking for a while, or in reverse, with her thighs smothering the girl below her. Either way, it’s a powerful position, not suited to every bedroom in the world. But if you have even the slightest bit of kink running through your veins, I highly suggest you try this one.

Scissoring & tribbing

Basically, the only way a girl can have genitals-to-genitals sex with another girl, is to go leg-over-leg-under and rub those clits together. This is called scissoring, and it’s rather infamous in the lesbian world. Additionaly, you can try tribbing (short for tribadism). Tribbing means a smuch as rubbing your clit anywhere on your female partner’s body (except for the hands and mouth, those have different names). The thighs work especially well, since there can be mutual clit-to-leg action involved. Fun fact: even bonobos do it!

Kiss & touch

The Kiss & touch (dibs on the name) is one of the more romantic lesbian sex positions, mostly for foreplay. Both girls are sitting on the bed, couch, or floor, each with their legs up and over each other’s, and their knees bent. They can kiss and finger each other at the same time, making it a great position for mutual pleasure. They can easily reach each other’s breasts, back, and legs, so there’s no lack of places to touch. It’s also a very natural leap from this one to tribbing.

Double dildo

This one needs a prop, and a very specific one at that: a double dildo. Double dildos can be used in various positions, but the most intruiging one is the double doggy position, in which both girls are on hands and knees, their backsides towards each other, and the dildo in between. It’s not an easy position, and especially making sure the toy stays in place can take some practice, since we simply aren’t all just as slippery inside. But when done right, it can be a great addition your girls night out.

Mutual masturbation

Technically, this isn’t really a couple sex position, but I wanted to mention it anyway. Mutual masturbation can be a lot of fun, especially for girls who are slightly terrified by the thought of having sex with another girl. This way, you can enjoy each other’s company in a sensual way, without actually touching each other. You may even pick up a trick or technique or two, looking at your friend getting at it next to or opposite you. Who knows, maybe it’ll grow into something more after all.

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