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The Standing (back)

Sex positions: Standing position (back)

Ever had sex in a fitting room, changing room, bathroom stall, or elevator? Chances are you may have tried the Standing position. This one’s about the backwards version, which differs from the frontwards version in a lot of ways. Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Standing (back) position. 

While not overly common in bedrooms and other areas with room to spare, the backwards standing position is one of the sex positions of choice in tight spaces. There are a couple of size issues, and it’s not easy to get right, but when needed, it can be the perfect position for a small-room quickie. Here’s the basics: 

The girl 

The girl is standing up, facing a wall, closet, door, pillar, or any other kind of structure. Her legs can be either together or spread a little for some more stability. Ideally, her knees are slightly bent, her back arched, and her head tilted back. She can hold onto something in front of her, or reach back, either above hear head or lower down. 

The guy

The guy is standing behind the girl, which immediately poses some problems. His dick has to be angled a fair way upward for this to work, and it helps when he’s as tall or even a little shorter than she is. His hands will naturally grab her hips – after helping himself slip inside her, that is. He may also be touching her breasts, or wrapping his hand around her neck for some choking action. 

The movement

There’s not a lot of room for error, here. Only rather well-hung guys may find it possible to actually move their entire body, the rest of the male population may just be held to some gentle hip movement. That said, his hands can reach every part of her body, from her knees all the way up to her face. He can rub her clit, pinch her nipples, or just pull her body into his to make sure he doesn’t slip out. 

The extras

As mentioned, this one’s particularly well suited for small areas. Public bathrooms, store fitting rooms, and even elevators don’t usually allow for proper doggy-style sex, in which cases the Standing position can bring light into the darkness. It’s a great position to show male dominance, either by forcing her into the wall or choking her. Anal is a viable option too, but a lot does depends on the angle. It’s also probably the best ever position for non-penetration sex, as the friction of her thigh gap can make you cum without so much as entering her. 

The catch

But there’s always a catch. Tall guys, or regular guys fucking short girls, may find it hard to bend their knees enough to make it work. There’s a huge risk of slipping out either way, especially when there’s more than some gentle hip movement going on. And all of that is not to mention the risk of getting caught, because you’ll mainly be doing this when there’s only a thin door or curtain between you and the rest of the world.

Don’t forget to try the Standing (front) position as well!

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