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Lingerie & undies

Whether you’re dressing up for your lover or you just wear it to feel sensual for you, yourself and you, every girl should own at least a few pieces of lingerie tiny panties and laced bras. This is the best sexy underwear you can buy today.

Lingerie isn’t just for escorts, adult actresses and kinksters. It can always come in handy when you’re seducing your date for the night, your spouse, or even yourself. We’re going to take a close look on the different types of underwear out there, from panties to bras and from garters to corsets.


Thongs are probably the sexiest things in the world. They always get guys (or girls) to gaze, they feel really good on your body (once you’re used to them, at least) and they make your butt look a-ma-zing. They come in all kinds of different shapes: the regular ones you can wear throughout the day, the tiny ones, see-through, laced, high-waist, open crotch, and even bikini versions. Every girl should have a whole bunch of them lying around in their undies drawer, because you never know when you’re going to need them. Oh, they’re also a lot of fun to take off.


Forget your normal day-to-day brassieres or sports tops for now. I’m talking sexy bras. The ones where your nipples peek through the fabric. With laced cups to get that semi-seetrough feel. With cute little fringes or without straps. These aren’t the kind of bras you wear to keep your boobs in place, these are the ones you wear because you want people to take them off. There’s cup-less bras, leather bras, bras that barely consist of more than just a strap or two. Sure, eventually, they may end up on the bedroom floor, but before they do, they make you look super sexy.


Stockings are something you probably don’t wear on a daily basis, which makes it all the more fun when you do. They make your legs look a lot longer, and they make your average bra+panties look just that little bit more sophisticated. You can wear them with skirts and high heels, with shorts and sneakers, or just without anything else on at all. I’m really fond of the fishnet versions (when things get really steamy, you don’t even have to take them off), but there are lots of different kinds that do the trick.


Nothing screams I’m sexy and I know it louder than a pair of garters. They truly are the missing link between your upper legs and your hips. They can keep stockings in place, but you can even wear them separately. There’s tons of different versions: garters with spikes, metal shapes, ones that cover most of your panties and ones that barely cover anything at all. It’s not an everyday look, but I can assure you, it will blow the minds of everyone who is lucky enough to get to look at them.


Corsets are not for everyone. They were already centuries ago, to live up to the ridiculous ideal image of the female body that existed back then. Even today, though, they do help with getting that hourglass figure. They’re definitely not the most comfy pieces of clothing out there, but they work magic in the bedroom. Corsets work especially well on full lingerie outfits, together with garters, stockings, and high heels. You can even wear them underneath your everyday clothes. Imagine the look on their faces when you take your top off… Surprise!


Bodysuits are one of my favorite pieces of underwear. They tend to be shaped like a bathing suit, and they serve a similar purpose: cover the bits that matter, but leave the extremities out in the open. They accentuate your hips, your waist, and your butt in ways very few things can. You can either go for regular cotton ones, or try the slightly more sophisticated laced ones. Whichever one you choose, be ready for some long-term gazing when you show what you’re wearing underneath your clothes.


Nightgowns are pretty much bedroom-only things, but girl, are they fun in there! They are the perfect pieces of clothing for when you’ve told your lover to wait in the bedroom, while you take a minute to get ready. When you step out of the bathroom dressed in this silky smoothness, they’re going to be gasping for air within seconds. Don’t forget to try out the babydoll and the kimono, either. Oh, and you can obviously wear regular undies underneath your gowns, but let’s be honest… why would you?


Body harnesses were designed for kinky people, there’s no way around it. They don’t really cover anything, and since that’s kind of the purpose of clothing, you can’t even really call them that. But they do make your body look amazing. They make your boobs pop out, they accentuate your overall shape, and they umm… well, they often lay out the red carpet towards the fun parts. If you’re feeling naughty, you can wear them underneath your regular clothes. People will notice, but you know… maybe that’s the point!

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