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Licking a girl

Drawing of a girl licking pussy

Congratulations! You’ve reached third base. Now it’s just a matter of making her enjoy it so much she’ll let you do it again soon. Whether you’re all new to this or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s some basic tactics and techniques you should might want to keep in mind when going down on her. Here’s all you’ve ever needed to know about licking a girl’s pussy. 

Want to know how to give the perfect blowjob? Here’s how!

Let’s take a moment to realize what you’ve done. By whichever means you deemed necessary, you’ve seduced a girl into letting you undress her, spreading her legs, and actually lying there, waiting for you to use your lips and tongue to pleasure her. This is a result. You should be very proud of yourself, no matter how many times you’ve done it before. So let’s dive right in now, shall we? 

The vagina

The vagina is a gorgeous piece of evolution. Its primary purpose is to receive male genitalia, but in doing so, it also made it a lot of fun to get tickled in other ways. When licking a girl, your main focus should be her clitoris. That isn’t to say it’s everything you should focus on, especially not at first, but it’s your most likely chance of getting her where you want her to be: squirming with pleasure all over your face. 

Just don’t forget about the rest of the area. Her lips will be very sensitive too, as will her inner thighs and her lower belly. 


Provided she hasn’t taken full lead and is pushing your head between her legs, you’re going to want to engage in some form of foreplay. Now, this is a very personal business, and it’s different for everybody. Kissing tends to be a good start, though, as is touching her body all over. Use her neck, use her breasts, use her thighs, get her all worked up before you’ve even started going down on her. That way, she’ll want you to do so even more than she already did, which is a good thing. 

Fingering her can be great to get her in the mood too, but it can work against you for some of the slower techniques. For now, just play around, but don’t touch her where it matters most, just yet. 

The build-up

Often, the build-up will be just as important as the actual act of licking her, especially when she’s somewhat new to the scene. Once you have her lying naked in front of you, your first reflex may be to just dive in. Don’t. Unless she really wants you to, of course, but even then, it can be a great idea to beat around the bush for just a while longer. 

Kiss her everywhere. Her legs, her belly, her groin. Kiss every inch you can reach without that one special one. You’ll have her craving it, which is exactly what you want. 


Once she can’t take the teasing any more, it’s time to go for broke. In general, there are two ways of eating out a girl. 


This is the gentle way. It’s perfect to start things off, to give her a finger, but not yet the whole hand, so to speak. Make sure the only part of your face that is touching her is the tip of your tongue. Flick it over her clit, lick up and down her pussy, but don’t apply too much pressure. For some girls, this technique is easily enough to get off, and you may be surprised how quickly it can happen. After all, you’ve done most of the work during foreplay and the build-up phase, didn’t you? 


This one is slightly less gentle. This is about pressure. It doesn’t work too well with some girls, but it does magic for others. You’ll really need to go all-in on this one. Push your mouth against her. Make sure you keep moving around your tongue, but use your lips as well. You can turn your head left and right really quickly, you can make 8-figures over her clit with your tongue, you can suck a mini vacuum and really taste her. 

Make sure to use both techniques, and switch them around a lot. She’ll love both, and eventually, you’ll figure out which one will do the trick. 


Communication is always a tricky thing in the bedroom. Some people love to talk a lot during sex, some really don’t. It’s always a good idea, though, to tell each other how it feels. You can ask her about it. Try something new, gauge her reaction, stop for a second, and just ask her if she likes that. If she swears a lot or pushes your head back down, it’s probably a yes. If it’s a no, she can tell you what to try next. It may feel a bit unnatural, but especially for first-timers, communication is key. 


When you’re doing it right, she may eventually reach an orgasm. It may happen way earlier than you had expected, it may take a long time, or it may not even happen at all. All girls are wired differently, and if she doesn’t reach an orgasm, it doesn’t mean that you didn’t do everything you could. 

And even if she does, you may not even notice. Sure, some girls are loud, some girls announce it when it’s about to happen, some curl into the weirdest shapes, making it impossible for you not to notice, but for others, their orgasm may be cloaked, or even held back. Don’t worry, she will probably tell you, or even push you away when things get too sensitive down there. 

A helping hand

In general, the easiest way for a girl to reach an orgasm is with both clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time. And since your face is already down there, you may want to consider taking care of the other part by using your hand. Don’t overdo this: not all girls like hardcore fingering as much as they do in the movies. 

Don’t hesitate to slide a finger inside her, though, or even two if it’s easy. Try changing the angle, depth, and speed until she gives you a reaction. But whatever you do: don’t stop licking. It’s going to take some time getting your brain to be able to focus on both at the same time, but she’ll thank you for it when it eventually does. 

The aftermath

Some girls get cuddly after they came, some get even hornier. It’s hard to tell which girl does which, so we’re back at the communication point again, here. Either finish the job and get back up, cuddling, kissing and licking her for as long as she needs, or go for broke and make it obvious that you’d love to help her reach another orgasm, but this time with your dick. You never know, maybe, just maybe, if you did a good enough job, she might even let you. 

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