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It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a loving relationship or you just started texting your Tinder match: sending sexy selfies to sexy people is a lot of fun (and receiving them, too!). But how do you make that perfect naughty pic? Here’s S&S’s 5 tips for that super sexy selfie. #sendnudes!

Let’s face it: not everybody is a famous porn star or lingerie model. But should that keep us from feeling sexy? Nuh uh! We are sexy, and we should be able to show it, should we want to. And one of the easiest ways is to take sexy photos of ourselves. But what if you don’t know where to start? We got you covered! Yup, we! Ivy may have written this post, but we’ve made sure Jace tags along to shine some light on what guys can do, too!

#1 Location, location, location

Let’s start with this one, since it seems to be so important to many things in life – including photography. Sure, the recipient of your selfie will mainly be looking at you, and not so much at your surroundings. However, as every photographer around the world will tell you, even the most close-up portraits should have a well-thought through background. Don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to travel to Machu Picchu or drop your panties on a Himalayan mountain top. But even in your own home, the background can add a lot to the picture – or steal all that attention away from you.

A mirror is always a nice touch, but it means you have to double-check for any weird things happening around you (also see #2). Usually, a nice, smooth surface is your best bet. Like clean bed sheets, or a solid wall. Are you outside? The beach, the ocean, or a bunch of trees always make for a great background.

Nothing to add. This goes for you too, fellas ~ Jace

#2 clean up!

Make sure there aren’t any items laying about behind you in the shot. Clean up a bit first, make your bed, close the toilet seat, get rid of empty bottles, all that jazz. Both bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere else-room pictures can be pretty damn sexy, as long as there’s nothing off-putting sitting somewhere in the pic.

There’s one big exception to this rule. What if you want something to be seen, something that otherwise shouldn’t really be seen at all? Like… the bra that you have just taken off, or the panties you’re about to put on after your shower? Maybe even the toy you’re going to be playing with!

Guys, don’t overdo it. She may like your fitboy body, but that doesn’t mean she wants to see your dumbbells lying around. Just put everything away and don’t give her a reason to look at anything else but you ~ Jace

#3 Let there be light

Maybe you’re one of those people that likes to switch the lights off when you get to the fun part of a relationship. Which is totally fine! But realize that sexy photos have only one goal: to arouse the person you’re sending them to. And if they can barely see a thing, there isn’t much to get aroused about.

Taking your sexy selfies during broad daylight is always the best option. Do you want to do a late night mini-shoot? Make sure there’s enough light in the room. You can always get rid of some of it afterwards, but it’s very hard to create light with a filter. Best to overshoot than to undershoot.

Exactly ~ Jace

Before sending any pic to anyone, make sure you know who you’re sending it to, what they’re going to do with it, and what happens if the relationship cools down a bit. However disgusting, there’s a big market for revenge porn, and you don’t want to find yourself on the business end of it. If you do, however, try to own it. Yes, you’re sexy. Yes, you sent a guy a nude. Get over it. Don’t ever let yourself be blackmailed into doing something you don’t want to do. Ivy out!

#4 Composition

Now for the fun part. What are you going to show? Both a close-up of how deep your new toy can fit inside as well as a cute little bikini bridge can be super sexy. It all depends on the relationship you have with the other person, how comfortable you are with your own body and, frankly, how turned on you are while taking the pic.

It’s a good idea to think things trough beforehand, though. Do you show enough when you hold your phone in your hand, or do you need a selfie stick, or even a tripod? And are you sure you’re not showing things you don’t want to be showing? Think, plan, then take the pic.

It can be wise to leave your face out of the pictures, especially at first. Girls will understand, guys will understand, everybody will understand. If they know it’s you, they know it’s you, and if they don’t, they have no reason to demand anything from you anyway.

Guys, as much fun it is to just send full frontal naked bony dickpics to as many girls as possible (and some do actually like receiving those), really think about what she wants to see. Teasing the tip or even just another body part than the obvious one can be just as hot, if not much hotter, than going for broke ~ Jace

#5 You are the most sexy person in the world

That’s right. You are. If you feel sexy, and you know it, and you really wanna show it, show it! Sending nudes can be scary, especially at first. We’ve all heard the stories. And they are real. But if you trust the other person, or if you’re willing to take the risk anyway, go for it! Life’s too short to be wanting to do stuff. Do stuff! And if that stuff is showing people you’re attracted to that they should be just as attracted to you, then that’s the way to go.

I couldn’t have said it better myself ~ Jace

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