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The Spoon

Sex positions: Spoon position

Although perfect for cuddling or sleeping, the Spoon is actually quite the nice sex position, too. It’s very intimate, and it can easily be the result of some basic cuddling, turning into mutual arousal. Here’s all you’ll ever need to know about the Spoon position.

Big spoon or little spoon? Many people have been asked that question, and for good reason: there aren’t many cuddling positions more romantic than this one. But when both are naked, the Spoon is a sex position that can just as easily be used for actual sex. Here’s how it goes.

The girl

The girl is lying on her side. Either side is fine. She has her legs curled up a bit, her back arched, and her butt pushed backwards. She’s lying perfectly still, or she can wiggle around, or even rock her hips back and forth. She may use her hands to rub herself, or touch the guy behind her.

The guy

The guy is lying behind the girl, facing the same direction she is. He may throw his leg over her, or place every part of the front of his body to the corresponding backside of hers. He can use his hands to rub her pussy, cup her breasts, or touch anywhere else.

The movement

With both parties lying flat on their side, movement is somewhat restricted. The Spoon position is perfect for lazy Sunday mornings, especially when cuddling turns into sex. He won’t be able to move around all that much, so slow, short bursts are key. In fact, there doesn’t have to be any movement at all! The guy can just sit inside the girl and enjoy some romantic sexy cuddling.

The extras

One of the fun extras of the Spoon position is that there doesn’t even have to be penetration. The girl may just as well have the guy’s dick between her thighs, rubbing against her lips. Another trait is that this is a gorgeous position for semi-clothed sex: the guy can just pull his dick out of his shorts, pull the girl’s panties down, and squeeze it in. The Spoon works great for anal sex, too.

The catch

But there’s always a catch. For the Spoon, it’s the lack of movement ability. Both are chilling on their side, so there’s not much to do but wiggle around. It can also prove difficult for him to stay inside her, depending on the angle of his dick. Hardcore lovers may want to look for another position, but for everybody else, this is a really nice one.

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