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The Missionary

Sex positions: Missionary position

The Missionary position is without a doubt the most common, most practiced, and most well-documented sex position of them all. It’s also the most natural, despite the fact that most animals tend to go for a more doggy-ish style. It’s beautiful, it’s intense, and, fine, it may be a bit boring. Here’s everything you’ve ever needed to know about the Missionary position. 

By far most people in the world have once lost their virginity during Missionary-style sex. It has a somewhat romantic sense to it, even though it can be spiced up in many ways. The face-to-face aspect, the kissing possibilities, and the natural hug that occurs make it absolutely perfect for first-time lovers. Just to be sure everybody’s on the same page, these are the basics: 

The girl

The girl is lying flat on her back. Her legs are spread wide enough for the guy to lie in between, her feet may be resting on his body. Anything goes with her arms, really: she can lay them down parallel to her body, hold them behind or over her head, or wrap her lover with them. It will be hard for her to move a lot, but she can definitely wiggle her body when needed. 

The guy

The guy is above the girl, facing her, but doing so, he has a lot of options. His upper body can either be resting on her (be careful not to smother her), pushed all the way up, or leaning on his elbows (perfect for kissing). His legs can either be stretched back, or tucked underneath her thighs for more stability. There’s really no right or wrong here, and it’s highly encouraged to change things up during penetration. 

The movement

Movement in the Missionary position comes mainly from the guy. He can either slowly move his hips back and forth while gently kissing her to induce a sense of romance, or slam his entire body into hers to make sure she really feels what he’s doing. His arms will be keeping himself from crushing her, so he may use his mouth to kiss her, nibble at her earlobe, or bite her neck. The girl can’t move around too much, but her legs are free to stroke his, or cling onto him for dear life. 

The extras

There aren’t many sex positions with as many variations as the Missionary position, even though most are considered another position entirely. The girl may place her legs in front of the guy’s chest (watch out: accidental anal alert). The guy can lean on one arm, using the other to stroke, pinch or slap the girl. He can cover her entire body with his, telling her she’s all his, or push himself up enough to give her enough freedom to rub her own clit. Pulling out and cumming all over her pussy, belly and breasts is amazing, but really, the Missionary position was always meant to impregnate the girl, so make sure your birth control is in order and just finish inside her. 

The catch

But there’s always a catch. As many variations as there may be, as much tweaking possibilities there are in regard to speed, depth, and force, the Missionary is and will always be the most common sex position out there, so keep an eye out for signs of boredom. If you’re planning on pulling out just before going boom, remember her legs can prove to be very clingy indeed. Oh, and please, for the love of God, don’t crush her!

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