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The 69

Sex positions: 69 position

The 69 (sixty-nine) is a non-penetrating sex position, and one of the best ones at that: both parties involved both give and get pleasure, which makes it perfect for same-sex couples, as well as mutual orgasms. It won’t lose you your virginity, but it’s still worth a try. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about the 69 position. 

Sixty-nine is famous in lesbian porn, since penetration without helping objects is out of the question. But it’s perfect for male-female couples as well. Time it right, and you may end up having a lot of fun at exactly the same time. Here’s the basics: 

The guy

Or the one girl, of course. The guy is lying on his back, his legs spread enough for a head to get in between, or simply stretched flat out. His hands are best kept above his face, where the girl’s body will appear when she sits down, but seasoned pros may also try finding the breasts down below. 

The girl

Or the other guy, of course. The girl is sitting on top, her knees pulled towards his hips, pointing forward. Her hips rest on his face, making it impossible for him not to eat her out. Her hands are either wrapped around his legs, or tucked in under her body, pointing his dick towards her face. 

The movement

There doesn’t have to be a lot of movement. The girl may only move her head up and down, taking in as much of his dick as she can. She may be wiggling her hips to make sure the guy is licking in the right spot, since he’s very limited on aiming for the good parts himself. The guy may be touching the girl’s body all over, or pulling apart her buttcheeks and pussy lips to make some room. Kinky couples may indulge in some ass play, either by means of fingers, noses, or tongues. 

The extras

The main extra is the chance to have a mutual orgasm. Since there’s no penetration involved, it’s common that both parties may be able to reach an orgasm. It’s just a matter of timing, communication, and persistence, but when they manage, there aren’t many things in life that feel better than shooting your load into a girl’s throat while she’s cumming all over your face – and vice versa. 

The catch

But there’s always a catch. The guy’s lack of movement abilities are one: it’s the girl who has to do the aiming and wiggle herself in the right spot. It may prove impossible for couples with a large size difference. The guy may also encounter trouble breathing, especially when the girl is of the slightly heavier kind. In addition, communication, though key to having a mutual orgasm, may prove to be a bit difficult. Lastly, as good as some 69ing action may feel, it won’t let you lose your virginity.

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