The Seashell

Seashell sex position

The Seashell is a sex position that requires some flexibility. Once you pull it off, though, it’s an absolutely amazing one, suited for incredibily deep impact and a great view for both parties involved. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about the Seashell sex position.

She sells seashells by the seashore – try saying that five times really fast. Did you do it? Good, now try it while you’re actually doing the Seashell position. It’s gonna be a lot harder, promise 😉 It’s not only a great sex position, it’s a great stretch too, and both of you are going to love everything about it. Here’s how it goes.

The girl

The girl is laying on her back, just like she would in your average missionary position, but with her legs kicked up as far as she can. Ideally, she’ll place her legs behind her own head and fold her arms over them, but that might require levels of flexibility not everybody possesses. Either way, kick them up as far as you can, knees slightly bent. Place a pillow under your head to keep it tilted towards your partner.

The guy

The guy is also in similar position he would be in during missionary. There’s quite a few options here. He can rest his butt on his heels, or kick his legs back, place his arms on either side of her body and lean on those. He might even take on a slightly more Piledriver-like position, coming in from above. It doesn’t matter all that much, as long as you’re comfy enough to keep going for a while – she’ll thank you for it, we can promise that much.

The movement

The movement depends on the guy’s position, but the bulk of it has to come from him, as she’s pretty much tied up in her own legs. We can highly suggest slow, deep movements, at first at least. Take in the beauty of her stretched-out body, look deep into her eyes, and plunge even deeper inside. The girl is probably preoccupied enough with trying to keep her legs in place, so don’t expect a lot of motion from her side.

The extras

The Seashell position has a surprising amount of options. Depending on the guy’s position, he might have his hands free to rub her, grab her boobs, or even engage in some breath play or mild slapping. He can help her keep her legs in the right position, too, either by grabbing her ankles or leaning on her thighs. The Seashell is perfect for anal sex too; all it needs is a slight positional shift. It’s also all too easy to pull out and dive in for a quick taste, while you’re at it. Bonus tip: grab her buttocks and pull her up a little, changing the angle of attack.

The catch

But there’s always a catch. The Seashell is a pretty crude position. She’s entirely exposed, and stretched out to the max, so make sure both of you are fully comfortable with each other before engaging. It isn’t the healthiest position for her spine and neck, either, so a change of position or at least a brief break might be a good idea.

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