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13 solo positions girls HAVE to try

masturbation positions

Masturbation is so much fun! But it’s even more fun when you change things up a bit every now and again. There are a lot of different positions you can get yourself in while playing. Some are perfect for fingering, others are perfect for rubbing, but they’re all so cool! Here are 13 masturbation positions for girls you have to have tried, or at least have on your bucket list. 

We love masturbation. We think every girl should do it, if she wants to. But when you do it a lot (or even a little), it may be worth your while to try some new stuff every now and then. You can use toys, or try a different room, but the easiest way to experiment is just to put your own body in a different position. And there are a lot of those. These are 13 of my personal favorites. 

#1 flat on the back

Easily the most widely-used, and most famous one. It’s how many of us started. It’s very simple: get on your bed, or on the couch, or on the floor, and lay down flat on your back. Keep your legs straight (you can spread them a little) or bend your knees, if that’s more comfortable. 

Perfect for: starting off the day in a happy happy way

#2 flat on the belly

Ready for something new? Try flipping yourself over. The rules are the same: lay down on your bed, facing down this time, and stretch your legs. You can reach around the back with your arm, but it’s much easier to tuck your hand (or hands!) under your body. This restricts your movement a little, but you can still move your fingers around nicely. 

Perfect for: slow rubs or gentle pushes

#3 ass up high, face down low

The first time I heard this song, I was like: YES. Easily one of my faves. Here’s how it goes. You kneel down on a flat surface, and spread your legs. Make sure you don’t spread them too far, or you’ll lose the ass up high part. Now for the face down low part: lean forward, don’t use your arms to hold you up, just let your upper body drop down. Slightly turn your body to one side and lean on one shoulder. Use your free hand to rub or touch in any way you like. 

Perfect for: naughty moods, and girls discovering their submissive side

#4 good girl

Playing with yourself doesn’t mean you can’t still be a good girl. In fact, you can do both at the same time! This one isn’t made for loooooong sessions, but as an in-between position or just a quickie, it’s a really good one. Just sit down on your knees, and place your butt on your heels, or in between them. Plenty of space for your hands to touch down there, or rub any other patch of skin imaginable. 

Perfect for: good girls who are sometimes bad girls

#5 legs up

This one is a variation of #1. Actually, let’s go with three variations. Lay down on your back, but instead of keeping your legs straight, you kick them up into the air. Cross them for some extra sensations. And if you’re really flexible, try kicking your legs all the way behind your head. This isn’t for everybody, but it’s worth a shot! 

Perfect for: super flexible girls

#6 standing

I love to do things standing. Standing sex is amazing, giving head while standing is amazing, it’s just amazing. But you can go all solo during standy-uppy time, too! It will take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, a whole new world opens. Try standing in front of a mirror, so you can admire your body while having fun. You can always drop down on the bed whenever you like. 

Perfect for: shower! do it in the shower

#7 one-legged stance

A variation on the previous one. Instead of standing with both feet on the ground, you kick one up onto the bed, a chair, a box, the table, against the wall, or even nothing at all, just holding it up with your free arm. It gives you a lot more room than the regular standing position does. Don’t forget to switch legs every now and then… don’t want to go all numb! 

Perfect for: giving shows to boyfriends who happen to be sitting on the couch

#8 squats

As if masturbating isn’t enough of a workout already, right?! Well, it is, but you can add to the fun by squatting down. If you’re trying this for the first time, it’s a good idea to lean into a wall or the side of the bed, because keeping your balance can be quite tricky. If you’re in the mood, bounce up and down a bit, pretending you’re actually riding something. 

Perfect for: try putting a toy on the floor below. see how low you can go! 

#9 spreading

Yet another variation of #1, but it deserves its own entry. Lay down on your back, but spread your legs as wide as you can. Seriously, as wide as you can. Go all the way. It makes for a great flexibility workout, and if you’re an avid toy user, you’ll find it will go down a lot smoother. One for the pros: try keeping your legs as straight as possible. 

Perfect for: depth! 

#10 couch sit

Or chair sit, or bed sit, or anything sit. ‘Lazy’ is the magic word here. Go slouch! Chillax! Slide down the seat and lean into the back cushion, stretch your legs out on the floor, and get super comfy. You can either spread your legs or keep them close together. Use both hands, use toys if you like using toys, just don’t eat yourself up over anything. Life’s good, enjoy it! 

Perfect for: lazy sunday afternoons. and watching porn

#11 sideways

Forget symmetry. Highly overrated. Let’s go sideways for a bit! You’ll probably want to be on the bed for this one, or a large enough couch. Start on your back, turn to either side, lean on your elbow and bend the knee of your top leg, resting it on the other. This way, you can go underneath it just as well as reaching round the back. And don’t forget to carress your hips and boobs. 

Perfect for: chill weekend days (and, if you’re up for it, butt stuff)

#12 stand & bend

You’re going to need a table or desk for this. Stand close to it, bend your upper body, place it on top of the table, and let it chill there. Depending on how close you’re standing to it, you can either reach down or go round the back. I don’t want to put images in your head, but pretending somebody is standing behind you helps a great deal in the excitement department. 

Perfect for: toooooooyyyyyssssss

#13 back breaker

If nothing works, keep trying something else. This should be everyone’s motto in life. This one’s perfect for it. It’s another variation of #1, but a tricky one. Lay down on your bed, on your back, but shuffle towards the edge. Drop your upper body down towards the floor. Arching your back like this can make for entirely new sensations. Try it on a couch as well, and kick your leg up against the wall. 

Perfect for: getting all fuzzy in the head. for multiple reasons

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