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All about cum


It’s the result of the male orgasm. It’s the life force. It’s part of how babies are made. It’s sticky, gooey, and wet. We’re talking about sperm, or jizz, or, the one I prefer: cum. It’s special stuff, and there’s a lot to tell about it. Here’s all you’ve ever needed to know about cum.

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What is cum?

Cum (I really like that word, I’m going to keep using it) is what comes out of the male penis when he has an orgasm. Its sole purpose is to carry the cells that eventually may enter the egg, resulting in a pregnancy. There’s literally hundreds of millions of those in one single cumshot (another word I really like, but you can go with “ejaculation” too, if you prefer). Many of those don’t make it all the way to the prize, or get lost along the way, or end up in a condom, toilet, or on a patch of skin.

Sperm cells contain all of the DNA of its (previous) owner. Mixed with the genetic material of a female, a baby can be made. Sperm production starts during puberty, and basically never ends, although eventually, there will be less of it. It’s kept inside the testicles, nice and cozy.

What happens when a guy cums?

When a guy has an orgasm, it’s basically his body telling him: chances are you’re inside a fertile female human, let’s make some babies! Oftentimes, this is not entirely the case, but hey, better safe than sorry.

The sperm is brought up from the testicles and shoots out of the penis. This can happen with quite some force, especially on healthy young blokes. It can be shot a few feet up to even a couple of yards away, or it can just ooze out.

What is precum?

Precum pops up when a guy gets excited. It’s like the frontrunners, the explorers, the first ones to the party. It’s usually not a lot, but it’s plenty to impregnate a girl, so pulling out just before the orgasm isn’t a smart way to practice contraception. There’s not really any difference between precum and cum, it’s just that you don’t need an orgasm for precum to pop into existence.

Where to cum while masturbating?

When masturbation results in an orgasm, cum usually comes out. This can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t want to leave behind any tracks.

The easiest way to get rid of the evidence is to unload in the sink, shower, or toilet. It’s easily washed away by water, and you’ll be all good in no time at all. But sitting on your knees in front of the toilet isn’t the sexiest way to have an orgasm.

If you’re going to masturbate, say, on your bed, you have two options. Either you catch it right when it comes out, with a towel, tissue, or a piece of clothing (socks are notorious), or you just let it go and think about the consequences after. It can be quite the nice sight to have a puddle of white liquid sitting on your belly. Having a towel or some tissues within reach is always a good idea, though.

Where to cum when having sex?

When another person is involved, there are a lot more options. The easy way is to just cum inside the condom (which you’re obviously using!!!). After slipping out, you can just pull it off and throw it in the trash. This is the easiest way, but not necessarily the most fun way.

When your girlfriend, or boyfriend, or whomever you’re doing the naughty stuff with, is into it, you can get more creative. Many people actually like the taste of it, and will be eager to get rid of it by swallowing the lot (it’s actually loaded with proteins, so it’s super healthy). When you’re having sex without a condom (which we don’t recommend), you can also cum inside, but you have to be really sure that they’re on birth control and disease-free. If she’s actually trying to get pregnant, this is obviously the way to go.


Mainly due to pornography, other places have become popular. I want to stress that this is not something everybody is into, and it’s worth asking beforehand. If they are, though, the possibilities are endless. Popular spots are the face, the boobs, the pussy (after pulling out), the belly, and the butt, but when you’re both happy with it, there’s no place where it wouldn’t look great (think hands, feet, hair, back, anywhere).

How long before I can cum again?

Good question, and there’s no answer.

It all depends on the person. Some guys can actually have multiple orgasms without getting soft in between. Some just need a breather, and are ready to go again within minutes. For others, it takes a bit (or a lot) longer. The only way to find out is to… well, to find out.

Usually, when there’s enough stimulae, it takes less long for a guy to be ready for round two. When you’re with a nice person, have them play around with your dick for a bit, until you start feeling like it again. When you’re on your own, you can watch porn to get back in the mood.

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