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The Wheelbarrow

Sex positions: Wheelbarrow position

The Wheelbarrow is a not-too common sex position, although you may have come across it in porn movies. It’s a tough one, especially for the girl, but since the guy should help her out, it can be tricky for him, too. However, when done right, it’s a super sexy one. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about the Wheelbarrow position.

The name of the Wheelbarrow makes a lot of sense. A much less kinky version is sometimes used in gym classes or workouts. When naked, however, the Wheelbarrow sex position is a pretty solid training exercise, too. 

The girl

This one’s really tough on the girl. Her lower body is lifted up, her legs are hanging either hanging loose or clinging to the guy’s body, and most of her body weight is put on her arms. She’s facing the floor, or looking forward, depending on the guy’s height. 

The guy

The guy is standing behind the girl. He’s holding her hips, with her butt being the highest point of her body. He’s standing in between her legs, penetrating without being able to move all that much. He may also choose to sit down, but that kind of turns things into a new position.

The movement

Movement is particularly tough during the Wheelbarrow. The girl needs all her strength to keep herself lifted off the floor, and the guy is holding her with both hands, and on top of that, can’t move around much in order not to have the girl fall over. Short hip movements are key here. Guys, try twisting and turning instead of pulling and pushing. Girls… try to stay upright. For as long as you can. 

The extras

The Wheelbarrow position can be made slightly easier on both sides when the guy sits down on the bed or a comfy chair. It will give the girl something to rest her legs on, and when the guy closes his legs, she can use them to support her bodyw eight, too. This will make the angle of penetration slightly steeper, though, at a risk or slight discomfort or slipping out. And a tip for the pros: try to lift her upper body up, while her legs keep clinging onto his – you can either pull her up by the arms or grab her chest. 

The catch

But there’s always a catch. Besides the obvious tough job on the arms, there’s also possible difficulty to slide back in once accidentally slipped out. It’s also pretty hard to move around, so either go with shallow bursts or get in deep once and then just wiggle around. Oh, and don’t move her around too much! Chances are her arms are already hurting. 

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