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The Cowgirl

Sex positions: Cowgirl position

The most common girl-in-charge position, the Cowgirl has been around for ages, and with good reason. To her, it means all the freedom of movement she could ever dream of, and to him, there simply isn’t a better view imaginable than her fully naked body bouncing on his dick. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about the Cowgirl position. 

The name obviously derives from the Wild West, where men and women were riding on horseback through the American deserts. Especially women may have loved the sensation of the vibrations in the saddle, but unfortunately, there’s very little documentation about that. Either way, these are the basics: 

The guy

The guy is lying flat on his back. Really, there’s nothing more to it. His legs may be stretched flat or his knees can be pulled up and to the side, but he has to give the girl on top of him all the room she needs. His hands can be anywhere, but it’d be silly not to place them on either her knees, her hips, or her boobs. 

The girl

The girl is, quite literally, riding his dick. She’s facing him, and in the basic version, her knees are on the surface below, each on either side of his abdomen. She can be sitting upright, her hands touching herself or swinging in mid-air, leaning forward, her hands on his chest (or, what the heck, his throat), or leaning backwards, her hands resting on his upper legs or knees. 

The movement

Riding Cowgirl-style, the girl does most of the hard work. She can either push herself up and down, or grind her hips over his body in a more horizontal, or even circular manner. The guy is lying flat, but he can follow or guide her movement with his hands on her hips, touch her breasts, or rub her clit. This is one of the few positions where both the guy and the girl have both hands free to do anything they like, and one shall not be scared to use them. 

The extras

The girl can take full control, or let herself be guided by the guy. She can fuck him as hard as gravity will allow her to, or simply tease him with slow, gentle nudges. She may rub her own clit if that helps increase the chances of a mutual orgasms, or let him do it for her. If she’s of the dominant kind, she has the power to scratch, punch, or even choke the helpless guy below her. With the girl’s hips tilted, the Cowgirl position can also be used for anal sex. 

The catch

But there’s always a catch. Since it’s the girl taking care of the speed and force, it may provoke a slightly unwanted orgasm, and with her body on top of him, he may not be able to push her away in time. It can also prove a bit painful for the guy, especially when his dick isn’t overly flexible, and the girl on top of him is a wild one. Lastly, the Cowgirl may not work all that well in powerplay, at least when the guy is supposed to be the dominant figure.

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