The Table Top

Table Top sex position

Depending on means and motive, the Table Top position can be one of the kinkiest ones out there. Everything about it just simply screams: I want you, right here, right now. It’s an easy position, everybody can do it without a lot of practice. Here’s everything you’ve ever needed to know about the Table Top sex position.

There are so many reasons to choose Table Top from the long list of sex positions. It’s no coincidence it’s primarily used in porn to depict a work relationship or a teacher-student combination. A desk is the perfect place to perform the Table Top sex position, but any four-legged structure high enough will easily to the trick. Here’s how it goes.

The girl

The girl is lying flat on her back, on top of the desk or table. She can kick up her legs as much as she likes, and spread them as far as she prefers. Her hands are entirely free, so she can easily run her fingers through her hair, touch her breasts, or play with herself while her partner is at it. Moreover, she can see everything that’s going on between her legs, including the inevitable look of sheer pleasure on her partner’s face.

The guy

The guy is standing in front of the table. Ideally, the table is high enough so he doesn’t have to stretch his legs or bend his knees too much. He has full freedom of hip movement, so he can do everything he desires. His hands could help the girl to keep her legs spread, reach out and touch her sensitive body parts, or pin her down to the table. Just like her, he has a perfect view of basically all of her body and face.

The movement

The movement for the guy is virtually unrestricted. He can get in as deep as he likes, move his hips as fast as he likes, and he has both hands free to feel around or grab at will. The girl is a little more tied down, but both her arms and her legs can move freely – she can even kick her feet up to his shoulders or wrap them around him. Going slow is an option, but the Table Top sex position is pretty much ideal for rough, hard sex, too.

The extras

With six out of eight limbs involved able to move around freely, it would almost be blasphemy not to feel around. The girl’s bits are entirely exposed, so there’s no reason not to explore them a little. It’s also highly convenient that the “table top” can be basically anything, from a dining table to a desk, a sink, a kitchen counter, or even a bed or couch if the guy sits down on his knees. The Tabletop is a really fun position for a pull-out cumshot, too, and it even works with most of your clothes on. It’s one of the most-used positions in porn, and there’s good reason for it.

The catch

But there’s always a catch – although this time, we’re having a hard time finding one. The girl is especially exposed, so make sure you’re both comfortable with each others nakedness before you dive into it. If the guy is moving particularly forcefully, the girl might slide up the table after some amount of thrusts, but it’s all too easy to grab her waist and pull her back down again. Do consider putting a towel or a pillow down underneath her, though, especially when you’re using a wooden structure.

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