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The Prone Bone

Sex positions: Prone bone position

The Prone Bone is a beautiful sex position, that isn’t too common in your average bedroom, even though it really should be. It’s a variation on regular doggy style, but it’s more intense, it has a slightly more kinky ring to it and yup, it’s perfect for anal, too. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about the Prone Bone. 

As stated earlier, the Prone Bone is a doggy style variation: both guy and girl are facing forward (well, more or less) instead of each other. There are a lot of details that can easily be changed, but the main position goes like this. 

The girl

During Prone Bone, instead of sitting on her knees and hands, like she would in a normal doggy style position, the girl lies flat on her belly. Her arms can either be under her head, or, preferably, lying flat down her body, or even on her lower back. Her legs are pointing backwards – knees can be bent, but there’s no reason for it, so don’t overcomplicate things. A pillow can be put below her hips to maximize the angle. For the girl, this is a very passive position; basically, she’s allowed to “just lie there”, even though guys tend to hate it when girls do that (they won’t here, promise).

The guy

For the guy, there are two options. He either place his hands next to the girl’s shoulders, and plank above her (he has to be in good shape), or sitting on the girl’s upper legs, his knees spread as far wide possible. Both are perfectly legit options, it all has to do with the angle of his dick. He may dig his legs in between hers or wrap them around. If the guy chose the sitting version, he can either slap or pull aside her buttcheeks, or grab her arms and pull himself deeper inside her. 

The movement

This is a guy-only movement, as the girl is pretty much pinned down. She may wiggle her ass a bit, but mainly, the thrusting force has to come from above. The guy can either raise and lower himself in a push-up kind of style, or he can just stick hip motion only. Depending on his detailed position, he may have both hands free to play with her body, keep his dick pointing at the right angle, or yank her arms. If the girl is flexible enough, she may be able to do something called baby cobras: raising her upper body as much as she can without using her hands. 

The extras

The Prone Bone has one particular extra that’s worth mentioning: it works just as well for anal sex as it does for regular penetration. It’s all a matter of carefully placing his body over hers, and the angle of his dick. It’s great for a change-up after some hard-core doggy, yanking her arms from underneath her and forcing her flat on her belly. The guy can even slightly turn himself around, up to as much as ninety degrees, to create even more friction. Lastly, it’s one of the most satisfying positions for a body cum shot. 

The catch

But there’s always a catch. Especially when a guy’s dick angle is relatively steep, it may be hard to get it down enough to enter her – remember, her pussy is tucked away nicely between her closed thighs. He may have to lean over a lot, which can become pretty rough on the arms. The Prone Bone is also notorious for some accidental anal action, so either be very careful, or warn her about the possibilities beforehand.

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