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The Chair Ride

Sex positions: Chair position

The Chair Ride, or Couch Ride, is a variation on both Cowgirl positions, both the regular as well as the reverse one. The main difference is the guy’s body, which isn’t lying flat on a surface, and the improved leg room for the girl. Here’s everything you’ve ever needed to know about the Chair Ride. 

The Chair Ride can be practiced on any sitting furniture: a chair, a sofa, or a small table. It’s fairly common in porn, but it doesn’t happen all that much in your average bedroom, mainly since the bed often proves a more comfortable option (and we all know comfort doesn’t exist in porn). That said, when needed or simply wanted, the Chair position can be a heck of an umm… Ride. 

The guy

The guy is sitting on a chair, or a couch, or anything, really. His legs are down on the ground, and his spine is pointing upwards, which makes it different from the Cowgirl position. This way, he can much more easily reach the girl’s boobs, or her face if she decides to lean forward. His hands can be anywhere, from her hips to her breasts to her legs to all the way around her shoulders or head. 

The girl

The girl has two options: facing the guy or facing the other way. In fact, she has three, for she can also twist 90 degrees. While front-facing, she either rests her legs on the chair, puts them down on either side of it, or kicks her feet back and hangs them over the guy’s upper legs. Sideways, she’ll have to put her legs on the floor, either both on one side of him, or one ticked in between his spread legs. With her back facing him, she can either spread her legs wider than he does, or squeeze them together for maximum friction. 

The movement

The girl has to do all the work, here. She can either push herself up from the chair or the floor, depending on where her feet are, or simply rock back and forth. Both versions are amazing for foreplay and non-penetrating sex: facing him, she can grind her pussy over his dick, and facing the other way, she can let him squeeze himself through her thigh gap. The guy is free to touch everything he likes, and it’s strongly suggested that he does so. 

The extras

The Chair Ride is an amazing addition to a striptease or lapdance. Since the girl is in charge of movement, it also works well in female domination relationships. Orgasms are best had inside, for slipping out and aiming isn’t overly easy. Anal works perfectly in all three versions, especially the closed-legs, staring-into-the-distance one.

The catch

But there’s always a catch. First off, make sure the chair doesn’t get in the way, as they’re not great for bumping your knees into. Just like the Cowgirl position, there’s a chance the guy finishes before he intends to do so, since the girl is in the lead. She may also end up going a bit too rough for his liking, so make sure the angle is right.

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