The Piledriver

Sex positions: Piledriver position
The Piledriver isn't the most widely used sex position of them all. Not in the bedroom, at least. If porn was anything like the real world, we'd all be doing it all the time. Even though we aren't, it's still a fun one to try out for a change. Here's everything you'll ever need to know about the Piledriver position. When people build houses, they use piledrivers to make sure the structure won't collapse. When wrestlers want to finish somebody off, they use the

The Spoon

Sex positions: Spoon position
Although perfect for cuddling or sleeping, the Spoon is actually quite the nice sex position, too. It's very intimate, and it can easily be the result of some basic cuddling, turning into mutual arousal. Here's all you'll ever need to know about the Spoon position. Big spoon or little spoon? Many people have been asked that question, and for good reason: there aren't many cuddling positions more romantic than this one. But when both are naked, the Spoon is a sex position that can

The Wheelbarrow

Sex positions: Wheelbarrow position
The Wheelbarrow is a not-too common sex position, although you may have come across it in porn movies. It's a tough one, especially for the girl, but since the guy should help her out, it can be tricky for him, too. However, when done right, it's a super sexy one. Here's everything you'll ever need to know about the Wheelbarrow position. The name of the Wheelbarrow makes a lot of sense. A much less kinky version is sometimes used in gym classes or workouts.

The Standing (front)

Sex positions: Standing position (front)
Like the Back Standing position, the front version is often used in tight spaces, but unlike the back-facing version, this one makes a lot more sense in the privacy of a bedroom. It’s a great addition to your sex game, and perfect to spice things up. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about the Standing (front) position.  Sure, front-facing standing sex can prove very handy indeed in similar situations to those in which the back version is needed (bathroom stalls, fitting rooms, elevators, and

The 69

Sex positions: 69 position
The 69 (sixty-nine) is a non-penetrating sex position, and one of the best ones at that: both parties involved both give and get pleasure, which makes it perfect for same-sex couples, as well as mutual orgasms. It won’t lose you your virginity, but it’s still worth a try. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about the 69 position.  Sixty-nine is famous in lesbian porn, since penetration without helping objects is out of the question. But it’s perfect for male-female couples as well. Time it

The Chair Ride

Sex positions: Chair position
The Chair Ride, or Couch Ride, is a variation on both Cowgirl positions, both the regular as well as the reverse one. The main difference is the guy’s body, which isn’t lying flat on a surface, and the improved leg room for the girl. Here’s everything you’ve ever needed to know about the Chair Ride.  The Chair Ride can be practiced on any sitting furniture: a chair, a sofa, or a small table. It’s fairly common in porn, but it doesn’t happen all that much

The Cowgirl

Sex positions: Cowgirl position
The most common girl-in-charge position, the Cowgirl has been around for ages, and with good reason. To her, it means all the freedom of movement she could ever dream of, and to him, there simply isn’t a better view imaginable than her fully naked body bouncing on his dick. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about the Cowgirl position.  The name obviously derives from the Wild West, where men and women were riding on horseback through the American deserts. Especially women may have loved

The Doggy-style

Sex positions: Doggy style position
The Doggy-style position is one of the most famous sex positions out there. It’s easily the favorite of many porn directors, for there aren’t any positions that allow a camera to get so much detailed action, but it’s widely used in bedroom around the globe, too. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about the Doggy-style position.  With lots of freedom for both parties involved, plenty of iterations possible and a great lot of different speeds and angles, the Doggy position is truly one of

The Reverse Cowgirl

Sex positions: Reverse cowgirl position
The Reverse Cowgirl is a variation of the regular Cowgirl position, with the girl twisted around 180 degrees. This takes away some of the fun of the regular Cowgirl, but it adds some new possibilities. Here’s everything you’ve ever needed to know about the Reverse Cowgirl position.  Despite the lack of some obvious Cowgirl treats - easy access to clit and boobs, looking each other in the eyes - the Reverse Cowgirl position has been around for a long time, and it’s one of the

The Standing (back)

Sex positions: Standing position (back)
Ever had sex in a fitting room, changing room, bathroom stall, or elevator? Chances are you may have tried the Standing position. This one’s about the backwards version, which differs from the frontwards version in a lot of ways. Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Standing (back) position.  While not overly common in bedrooms and other areas with room to spare, the backwards standing position is one of the sex positions of choice in tight spaces. There are a couple of size