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The Standing (front)

Sex positions: Standing position (front)

Like the Back Standing position, the front version is often used in tight spaces, but unlike the back-facing version, this one makes a lot more sense in the privacy of a bedroom. It’s a great addition to your sex game, and perfect to spice things up. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about the Standing (front) position. 

Sure, front-facing standing sex can prove very handy indeed in similar situations to those in which the back version is needed (bathroom stalls, fitting rooms, elevators, and so on), but it’s not solely a matter of having to do it: it can be a matter of wanting to do it, too. Here’s the basics: 

The girl

The girl is standing, preferraly against a wall, door, or high furniture, like a table or the kitchen sink. She may raise one leg, especially when the guy is trying to enter her, but she may try lowering it afterwards. It helps a great deal when she leans backwards, pushing her hips out towards the guy. 

The guy

The guy is standing in pretty much the same position as he would if he was taking her from behind. If she’s tall enough, he may try to squeeze his legs in between hers, but it can work hers in between his as well. His dick should have a steep angle in order not to slip out at the slightest bit of movement. He may hold her body so she can lean over further than she could without him holding her, or hold her raised leg so she can keep her position for longer. 

The movement

Movement is tricky, even trickier than it would be with her turned around. Slow, short bursts should be the movement of choice, rather than taking sliding out almost all the way, risking losing the angle and slipping out. His face will be close to hers, so he may kiss her passionately, or kiss or bite her neck. The girl will be standing as still as possible, although she may help him getting the movement right. 

The extras

Even though the standing position works perfectly in tight places, it’s also great for some semi-clothed hotel room action, or a kitchen quickie. Putting her onto the sink or pulling her up against a wall makes it a lot easier, but that’s really another position altogether. One of the best treats this position has, though, is the possibility to pull out on the moment supreme, and cum into her panties – if you’re into that sorta stuff, of course. 

The catch

But there’s always a catch. In this case, the catch is the angle. Size difference, dick angle, and hip orientation can prove very hard things to overcome. She will be tempted to pull up her legs, but that changes the position into something else, so it doesn’t count. This one’s really hit-and-miss: try it out once, but if it doesn’t work out, don’t break your head over it.

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