The Sideways

sideways sex position

Some sex positions are so versatile, you can use them in many different ways. The Sideways position is one of those. You can use it in bed, on the couch, on the floor, or even outside, in the backyard or at the beach. Here’s everything you’ve always needed to know about the Sideways sex position.

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The Sideways sex position is also perfect during various moments of the day. It might be the ultimate “good morning, wanna do it?” position, and because there’s so much to see, it’s also very commonly used in porn. Curious? Here’s how it goes.

The girl

The girl, as the name suggests, is lying on her side. She’s either leaning on her elbow, or resting her shoulder on the bed. Her head is free to move around, as is her one arm (rubbing alert!). Her legs can be both opened and closed, but for this version of the position, we’re sticking with spread legs, both for a perfect view and for the possibility of some touching between them, either by herself or by the guy.

The guy

The guy is lying behind the girl. He can assume a variety of positions, but he’s lying close to her, or even pressed against her. He could also be leaning on one arm, or on his shoulder, resting his arm under the girl; he can even be leaning his head on his hand. His legs may be closed or slightly spread, and the girl may rest her leg on his for comfort. His one hand is free to help hold up her leg, play with her clit or boobs, or even make for her neck.

The movement

This is a bit of a tricky one, as she movement is fairly restricted. Because both guy and girl are resting on their hips, moving far back and forth isn’t an option, although that does depend on the surface you’re lying on. The girl can counter the guy’s moves by pushing back when he is pushing forward, helping with some extra depth. Both can use their free hand to grab or touch one another, which makes movement a little bit easier. Don’t expect the biggest distance between thrusts, but once done right, it can easily still be plenty.

The extras

As far as extras go, we really want to mention the “good morning” thing again. The Sideways is such a great position for lazy weekend mornings. You can start foreplay in the very same position, getting the girl ready and the guy hard, by which time neither of you will have to move to actually get down to business. It’s also easy enough for the girl to get off, for both are in a great position to get some fingering action going. Lastly, if you’re into anal sex, the Sideways works great, too.

The catch

But there’s always a catch. As mentioned already, movement in the Sideways sex position is fairly restricted. It can also be difficult for the guy get inside, and, more importantly, stay inside without slipping out. Depending on the angle of the guy, the position might not actually be possible at all. Lastly, the girl is very exposed, so she has to be very comfortable with her naked self.

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