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How to do an ahegao face

how to do an ahegao face

Ahegao is a phenomenon in the naughty kind of the internet community. Its origins lie in hentai, a form of pornography based on Asian manga styles. Basically, ahegao is a hentai girl’s orgasm face expression. Here’s how to do an ahegao face yourself.

What is ahegao?

Like we said, ahegao can be described as the face a girl makes when she is close to or in the middle of an orgasm in hentai-styled animations and pictures. It’s what every guy hopes every girl’s orgasm face will look like when he’s getting her there.

It originates in the 1990s, but it’s popularized in Japanese manga and hentai during the 2000s and 2010s. Today, there’s a also a fair amount of live-action examples of girls trying to look like the comic characters.

The ahegao face is meant to resemble such deep pleasure that the person doing it has lost all control of their facial expressions – they go cross-eyed, their tongue hanging from their mouths.

How to do an ahegao face?

If you’re planning on doing your own ahegao face, you’re in luck: it’s pretty easy!

First, you have to make sure your eyes look as big as they can get. There’s easy ways to do that with a bit of make-up, but make sure you keep them open as wide as you can.

Then you’ll have to go cross-eyed. More specifically: go cross-eyed while looking up slightly. The easiest way is to try and look to the center spot of your forehead with both eyes at the same time. If you’re having trouble, try holding your finger a foot away from your face and bring it closer and closer to your forehead without losing focus.

Then there’s the tongue. It has to be out of your mouth, pointing down – and, if you feel like it, slightly to one side, but this last bit is up for debate.

And that’s it! That’s your first ahegao face. Boys will love it, we promise!

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